Other IPL & Laser Treatments

Cosmetic Elegance Clinic, Toowoomba, is the biggest Laser Clinic west of Brisbane.  All of our laser consultants have a laser safety licence and are registered with Queensland Health.

IPL Hair Reduction
Permanent hair reduction? No more waxing or shaving? That’s right, it IS possible.  We can set you free from unwanted hair! 
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Stubborn facial hairs are a natural part of ageing for some people but they can be very frustrating and embarrassing.   We can remove them, even if they are grey. Find out if electrolysis is right for you. Read more >


Scarring is a natural part of the healing process, however, it's appearance can often cause people to become self-conscious and suffer from anxiety.  Fortunately, laser technology now offers the option of permanent scar removal.

IPL/ Laser Facial Rejuvenation
Please refer to the Total Facial Rejuvenation page for available options.

To see our full range of laser treatments visit our Laser Clinic website www.toowoombalaserclinic.com.au

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