The Laser Facial, the Next Generation in Beauty


The facial has come a long way from its massage-heavy origins. The new breed of high-tech face treatments enlists laser to deliver super-speedy results.

TRY ~ our Laser Peel for radiant skin, instant glow and long-term skin benefits. The laser buffs off the outer layer of skin, then warms the dermis down deep to help boost collagen production, tighten skin and shrink pores.

WHY WE LOVE IT ~ Skin looks even more radiant a few days later and your complexion improves over time.

Ask your skin consultant which laser treatment is best for your skin. Give us a call on 4638 2700 or visit to find out more or to book.

We are located in East Toowoomba, not far from Grand Central Shopping Centre.

To see our large range of laser equipment and what each machine is used for click here >

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Laser facial Toowoomba