Laser Tattoo Removal - Everything you Need to Know


Have you regretted getting a tattoo? You’re not alone! Cosmetic Elegance Clinic removes many tattoos each week using modern laser technology.  And Dr Eddie Roos is really impressed with the results achieved with both the PicoSure and Q-Switched Lasers. 

Who will do my tattoo removal treatment?

All laser tattoo treatments are performed by Dr Roos himself, so you will receive the best possible treatment from a highly experienced medical practitioner.

Laser tattoo removal Toowoomba

How does Laser Tattoo Removal work?

Laser tattoo removal is a simple method that makes ingenious use of your body’s natural machinery. A technician uses a laser to break up the pigment particles beneath the skin. Then, your lymphatic system — which shuttles away waste and toxins from the organs — carries them away from the skin to be excreted. Most people need between four and ten laser sessions to break up their tattoo, but it really depends on the ink pigments used. At the end of the last session, your tattoo will be faded away without leaving much of a mark on your skin.

Laser Break Up the Ink

Lasers are intense beams of monochromatic light, and the ones that tattoo removal specialists use are individually matched to specific pigments of tattoo ink.

Each tattoo ink pigment reflects a specific wavelength of light, which is the colour we see. The laser a technician uses to break those particles needs to match the wavelength of light the particles absorb. When a laser of the right wavelength strikes the pigment, the high amount of energy contained in the light beam vibrates the particles until they break apart into smaller particles.

This process, when repeated with several lasers for each color of ink, will eventually break up the ink particles enough that a tattoo totally fades away. You can also just get a tattoo faded a little bit until it’s light enough to tattoo over. Typically, the sessions happen about six weeks apart from one another so the skin can heal in the intervening time.

What Does it Feel Like and How Much Does It Hurt?
Yes, the lasers do damage the skin it passes through, but not in any serious or significant way. The process is typically described as feeling like snapping a rubber band on the skin over and over. If you went through the experience of having a reciprocating needle inserted into your skin repeatedly when you got the tattoo in the first place, you’ll probably be able to handle the discomfort of laser removal. Clients describe the lingering sensation as similar to a burn or blister.


The Deal With Different Pigments

Different pigments take different amounts of time to handle properly:
The common black ink also happens to be the easiest to remove, requiring about five or six sessions. Greens and blues, however, could take as many as 10. The lasers actually operate at different wavelengths to fade the different colors. So if silly tattoo revisions aren't your thing, try laser removal!


How Much It Costs

The cost can vary significantly from patient to patient based on the size of the tattoo, where it is, the colours on it and the fact that it can take as many as 10 sessions to complete. Your best option is to book a consultation with us and we will then be in a position to tell you what the overall cost will be.  It is definitely worth considering, and the process is safe enough that it’s typically done without anything stronger than a skin numbing cream.


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