We Welcome you to the Largest Medical Laser Clinic West of Brisbane


Toowoomba Laser Clinic is the biggest Laser Clinic west of Brisbane and is medically supervised by doctors and registered nurses.  All of our laser consultants have a laser safety licence and are registered with Queensland Health who have approved all of our laser equipment and rooms, so all our clients can be assured of safe, effective treatments.

Our laser services include laser tattoo removal, fractionated facial resurfacing, scar treatments, laser hair removal, pigmentation, vaginal rejuvenation, vascular treatments, and treatment of sun-damaged skin.

There are risks with cosmetic treatments.  That is why they are classified as medical procedures; and they can only be safely carried out in the hands of trained medical professionals.  Dr Eddie Roos says, “We want people to know how important it is to have cosmetic medical treatments at a medical clinic performed by trained, registered medical professionals, and under medical supervision. Cheap options can cost you your health or even your life.”

To book an appointment or for more information on the wide range of treatments available at our Laser Clinic call Cosmetic Elegance Clinic on 4638 2700 or visit www.toowoombalaserclinic.com.au

We are located in East Toowoomba, not far from Grand Central Shopping Centre.

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