Wrinkle Reduction Injections & Dermal Fillers

As we age our faces can lose the “plump softness” of youth and wrinkles appear as the skin loses its elasticity and natural collagen, which can change our appearance quite dramatically.

If you’d like to restore the fullness and softness of your face, or just tweak its shape without surgery, then anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are for you. And if your ageing lines are becoming a problem and you’d like a smoother, fresher appearance, Cosmetic Elegance Clinic in Toowoomba has the solution.

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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Crows feet
Crows feet are the annoying lines around your eyes that can age your appearance far more rapidly than many other conditions.
You don’t need to put up with crows feet any longer!
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Glabella & Frown Lines
Are you a frowner? Do you knit your brows together when you’re concentrating? Those concentration/ frown lines tend to stay put and leave you looking cranky or worried. 
There's a very quick procedure to stop you frowning and freshen your face. 
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Brow Lift
How would you like to “open your eyes” and regain your youthful look?  
The eye area is the first place we notice when looking at someone, and a heavy brow can give the appearance of being tired and aged.

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We all use our facial muscles in different ways to give expression. But if you’re starting to look worried all the time with lines in your forehead, you could be overdoing some of those expressions. 
Say good-bye to your forehead lines and hello to a smooth, line free forehead. 
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Bunny Crunches
Do you have “bunny crunches” on the bridge of your nose and do they annoy you?
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Mouth Frown
Don’t let your down-turned mouth make you look sad or worried. By treating the corners of your mouth we can reduce this aging sign and have you looking like your chirpy self in no time.
Bleeding of your lipstick can also be stopped by treating the corners of your mouth.
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Dermal Fillers

Cheek Augmentation
Fundamental facial structures such as cheek bones add so much character and beauty to the face. But as we age our cheeks tend to lose that youthful fullness and hollow out making the shape of the face dramatically different. 
Restoring cheek structure is easy with the skilled use of modern dermal fillers
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Naso-labial folds & Marionettes
Naso-labial folds & marionettes are lines near the nose and mouth that deepen with time and quickly make a face look tired and older. 
However, they can be improved dramatically with a little help from modern dermal fillers. 
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Lips Enhancement
Here’s something to smile about - your lips can look younger and fuller easily! Enhancing the appearance of your lips is one of the most simple and effective rejuvenation procedures of all. 
We can help rejuvenate your lips by reducing fine lines, restoring volume and even creating a cupid’s bow. 
We can also get rid of sagging corners of the mouth and stop lipstick from bleeding.
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